FREE Video For PTManagers - Understanding the Third Party Payer System

Third Party Payer System by Peter R Kovacek is a 5 minute video to explain how this complicated and confusing system works.  Great for use with students and orientation of new staff.


FREE Video For PTManagers - PT Financial Management: LifeCycle of a Claim

 Reimbursement: LifeCycle of a Claim is a 6 part (48 Minutes Total) Video by Peter Kovacek that describes the processes that are needed to successfully collect for PT services in today's marketplace.  Great for beginners to understand the way billing and collections work.  Great for more experienced managers who want a paradigm to problem solve billing and collection problems - or prevent them from occurring.


HPA - The Catalyst announces Video Contest for CSM 2017

HPA - The Catalyst announces Video Contest for CSM 2017


HPA is excited to roll out the inaugural session of the Management and Administration Track of LAMP at the 2 day CSM pre-conference course: Administrative and Management Skills for PT Practice in San Antonio, TX. In honor of this new course offering, HPA is launching a Managerial Time Management video contest.

Videos will be judged on their usefulness and creativity. Entries must be received by HPA by Dec. 1. Winners will be notified by Jan. 15, 2017.

Please your video in the following format:

Hi, I’m (name) from (city, state). Here is one of my favorite managerial time management tips, (describe your favorite management tip).

The winning entries will be awarded tuition credits for this pre-CSM course of $300 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd place and $100 for 3rd place. 

All entries will become the property of HPA and may be used for education (some of the entries may actually be shared during the course, so submit your best tip!) for promotional purposes.



Link to Video Promo for CSM Preconference course

To watch sample tip videos, please click the links below:

Sample tip: Video Meetings

Sample tip: Listening Skills

Sample tip: Sunday Preparation



Struggling with Accountability, Poor Financial Performance, Finishing Projects or Productivity?

Struggling with Accountability, Poor Financial Performance, Finishing Projects or Productivity?

We have a fix for that:

The Management Course You Should Have Had in School

Here is a great opportunity to build your Management and Administrative skills.

I am very excited to share with you an opportunity for you to make a difference in your profession and a chance to hone up on some of the most important non-clinical skills a Rehab Professional needs.

HPA - The Catalyst (APTA’s Section on Health Policy and Administration) is excited to be rolling out the inaugural session of the Management Track of LAMP (
LAMP = Leadership, Administration, Management and Payment/Policy) 
at a 2- day (February 14-15, 2017) CSM 2017 pre conference course in San Antonio, TX titled:

Administrative and Management Skills for PT Practice.

This 2-day pre-conference has been under development for quite a long time and a team of some of the most experienced Rehab managers, administrators and educators have put together a fantastic program that they will be presenting for the first time in San Antonio.

This program is for both novice or aspiring rehab managers who want to prepare for their first management position and for more experienced managers who want to brush up their skills or learn how to help new managers get up to speed as quickly and successfully as possible.

We’ve worked hard to identify those topics that will be the most impactful for managers in everyday practice.

Narrowing the topics down has been a real challenge, but here is the list of great topics - each presented by a true expert who actually designed the teaching module - and supplemented by resources and tools for your continued development after you leave San Antonio:

- Aligning Your Efforts and Staff with Your Organization’s Mission Vision and Values

- Performance Management: The Keys to Getting Things Done Successfully

- Finding and Onboarding New Staff

- Managing Human Resources: What Every Manager REALLY Needs to Know about HR and Legal Employment Issues

- Managerial Time Management: Survival Tips, Tricks and Traps

- Negotiating Organizational Behavior Successfully

- Managerial Finance and Budgeting

- Professionally Managing Programs and Projects

- Building a Career Development Plan: For Yourself and Your Staff

The sessions will be informative, interactive and extremely focused on the needs of the participants.

A special networking and social event is planned for the evening of the first day of the program where everyone will get to share ideas and interact with each other and the entire faculty..

More information is coming soon to the HPA - The Catalyst website at

Registration is limited but is now open at

Early bird rates end soon.

Make sure you are part of this inaugural event.

I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.

Here is a link to a full descriptive Video

HPA LAMP:Management

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