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This list is dedicated to Rehabilitation Management, Administration and Leadership issues such as Reimbursement, Health Policy and Management and Leadership Development.

ALL Messages to PTManager require a name, discipline and a location for approval.

ALL Messages to PTManager are moderated. Messages that violate the typical practices or policies of this list(at the sole discretion of the list moderator) will not be approved for distribution to the list members.

Messages that do no contribute constructively to the discussion (at the sole discretion of the list moderator) will not be approved for distribution to the list members.

Message with errors of fact or that use inappropriate language or attitude (at the sole discretion of the list moderator)will not be approved for distribution to the list members.


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Generally, all advertising is prohibited.

Exceptions are made for advertising from the host organizations - and KovacekManagementServices, Inc.

Host advertising will be limited to an average of no more than 2 advertisements per week.

Advertisements for courses related to leadership, administration and management of rehab-related services should be submitted to the list manager at prior to submission to the list.

Exceptions to any of these policies may be made at the sole discretion of the list manager.

List members who act contrary to these guidelines will be immediately and permanently removed from the list.

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